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We find the most interesting Antique Clocks. Here are the best deals we found for CHAUNCEY JEROME ANTIQUE MANTEL CLOCK CIRCA 1840 for sale on the Internet.

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This is an early Wonderful Looking and Wonderful Working Large Ogee style shelf clock made circa1840. It was made by the Chauncey Jerome Clock Company. The Chauncey Jerome Clock Company was one of the largest makers of clocks for a few years – then went out of business – was taken over by the New Haven Clock Co. circa 1850. This clock has nearly all of its original parts (rare - see pictures), has the original top very wavy glass, the original movement, original door, the original back, etc.! The bottom glass is original with the original reverse painting. Remember this clock was made many years before, and used during the Civil War! The case is in very good condition for its age. Has the usual veneer chips and was repaired many years ago. The movement runs very well and keeps good time. The movement was just cleaned, oiled, pivots polished and bushings added where needed. This clock will not need servicing for many years to come, and is ready for the next 100 years! This is a labor intensive service, with many clockmakers charging 250.00 and up. We recommend having it oiled every 2 to 3 years to keep it in tip-top shape! With the purchase of this clock for an additional $ 2.25 we will include an oiler kit with a professional oiler loaded with enough oil to oil approximately 50 clocks with easy instructions so you could even do it yourself! We put in new weight cords while we were at it! It has its original signed 30-hour time and strike weight driven movement. The clock strikes the hour on the hour on a gong. The clock is very easy and fun to wind using the included crank. This clock works beautifully and will continue to do so for many years to come with no maintainance. The original dial has a large hole where the hands hook on. This is because the maker was trying to show off that the movement was made of solid brass. The clocks right before this one had wooden movements. The original dial has the usual paint flakes here and there from 170 years of service! This clock is very large - 26 inch high, 15 ¼ inches wide and 4 ½ inches deep. The power for the clock comes from its 2 heavy weights (cast iron) rather than springs. Weights cause the clock to keep better time rather than springs. Springs cause a clock to run faster when they are first wound and slower as they wind down. The clock retains part of its original paper label on the inside. What a piece of American Heritage! Antique Clocks are a Fine Investment. Each one has a unique quality, as well as appreciating in value and beauty with age. You will become attached to your antique clocks and they will become a meaningful and important part of your life adding untold joy each day you own them. They can be handed down from one generation to another as they increase daily in value. Antique clocks serve many purposes other than being useful in telling time, decorative in your home, a valuable asset in your estate and above all a faithful servant and friend which will be true to you to the end of time. This clock will be packed VERY VERY CAREFULLY by our “award winning” (receiving a perfect “10” from a gracious customer) packing department (my wife, assisted by “Wild Thing”) to insure a safe delivery and the buyer is to pay $28.50 for shipping and ins. (The clock is “oversize” when packed and weighs about 30 pounds with the weights and all the packing materials) I will gladly answer any emails promptly. I have always hated that "reserve" when I have bid myself so this fine clock has no reserve and a very very low (gulp) starting bid. We love these clocks and I will be glad to help you set up your new clock, or answer questions long after the sale via email. We try to describe these clocks as accurately as we can, and include lots of pictures, (eBay allows 12 maximum) using just about every angle. We go over them thoroughly, and if they're dirty or need overhauling, we clean and overhaul them. If you expect an antique clock to look brand new, which they usually don't, please don't bid on them. Antiques, if they've had normal use, will have age-appropriate wear, which adds character rather than detracting. (WAY TOO much wear will, of course, detract.) Older clocks had to be transported over rough, unpaved roads in horse and buggy, buckboards, and maybe even Conestoga wagons. We test them out here before shipping and guarantee they will work for you, but due to shipment trauma, (why do some UPS and USPS people feel they have to treat packages so roughly?) there may be small adjustments necessary, which we are glad to help you with. We include several pages of setup/adjustment instructions, help via emails and do phone surgery! In extreme cases we ask folks to send the clock back to us to adjust for them and we return them ASAP at our expense. We also offer a clock oiler (at our cost, with the purchase of a clock) and instructions for oiling your own clock, should you choose to do that. Pay Pal accepted. Thank you very much for looking. A careful inspection is done each and every time during the packing process by "Wild Thing" Master Packing Kitty EBAY SITE SECURITY PROVIDED BY CJ KITTY (trained watch cat) (always vigilant) Our Purchasing Department travels throughout the United States searching for the "perfect clock"! Here's "the family" travelin' to the next clock destination A Highly Skilled Technician (AKA Wild Thing) checks the movement one last exhausting time to be sure all is right before being carefully placed back in its case. Some well deserved rest after a long day at the office Here is our newest addition to the team; "Miss Kitty"! Rescued from the "pound". She specializes in UNpacking and spreading things about. Also enjoys chewing on CJ's tail. Miss Kitty is getting grown up! She likes to "help" with answering emails. Here she is, after a grueling lesson in "computer 101". Here is Miss Kitty showing our brand new addition from the pound; "Sweet Pea", the "ins and outs" of packing boxes. Unfortuniately Sweet Pea has not caught on as yet… Thank you for looking! Our courteous, friendly operators are standing by for your questions before and long after the auction closes.


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