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We find the most interesting Antique Clocks. Here are the best deals we found for GERMAN KUNDO 400 DAY ANTIQUE MANTLE CLOCK ALL ORIGINAL for sale on the Internet.

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This is a VERY BEAUTIFUL example of a Kundo – Made in Germany - 400 day clock in SUPERIOR condition (runs great) with 4 ball pendulum in 100% ALL ORIGINAL CONDITION. 400-days clocks are becoming very collectable! 400-day clock means you only wind it once every 400 days! This is an engineering marvel to be sure! This is a very classy antique clock! It was made in Germany circa the early 1950s. The dial is original and in mint condition and has a fancy design (see picture) with the original matching hands. See brief history of 400-day clocks below! The bezel around the dial is in perfect condition. German clocks were the one of the highest quality clocks made in the world. The German clocks in our collection have required no service or adjustment for over 30 years – very reliable! This particular model is in superior, ALL ORIGINAL, SUPERIOR condition. The clock has a shiny brass finish with beautiful construction and the original glass dome. The time can be adjusted on the pendulum as to slow and fast. 400-day clocks do not strike making them great for the bedroom or anywhere you need quiet timekeeping. Also they tick very softly. We have ours in the bedroom window. The light reflecting off of the polished brass and the brass on the pendulum is really something to see in the morning sun. The ticking is barely audible. The movement is signed by the maker. Runs great and keeps good time. The clock measures 12 inches high and 8 inches in diameter. Has the new Horolovar temperature compensating suspension spring. The clock has a lever locking device to hold the pendulum in place when transporting the clock from room to room also for shipping – this keeps the pendulum from banging around. We will include complete instructions for setting up your new clock and hints to keep it happy! Has its original leveling feet which still work properly – makes setting up and leveling very easy. Complete with THE ORIGINAL large key to wind it. Includes its large original glass dome. The earliest known 400-day clock was invented by F.A.L. de Gruyter in 1884. The name "Anniversary Clock" was registered in 1901 by a U.S. importer/promoter who saw the clocks as birthday or wedding gifts that could be wound each year on the anniversary of the event. The first 400-day clocks were made in Germany with high quality construction with thick plates as well as a Graham Dead Beat Escapement. The clocks were sold by jewelers and commanded a very high price. Between World War I and World War II sales were relatively slow especially during the depression years, since these clocks were considered a luxury item. A new and big wave of 400-day clock sales was to begin in 1949 with the first producer, Forrestville Clock Company, with Schatz, Kieninger & Obergfell and Kundo soon to follow. Shortly, 400-day clocks enjoyed a phenomenal sale, and ultimately became one of the most popular gift items ever produced. The boom sales were of short duration, though. The first clocks sold at approximately $80.00, which as a considerable sum in 1949. As the clocks became popular, some other manufacturers attempted to undercut the fine German companies, and began using inferior construction and poor materials. Their clocks looked like the Forrestville, Schatz, Haller, Kieninger, Kieninger & Obergfell and Kundo and other fine German Companies from a distance, but were poorly made. Soon the market was flooded with these inferior clocks which did not run well and would fail usually in the first year. As a result of the publicity that spread across the country, sales of the 400-day clocks slowed to a trickle. Who would pay $ 80.00 for a quality clock when others were selling for less than $15.00? Who would give this clock as a gift with all the bad publicity? By 1956 most manufacturers had either become bankrupt or removed the 400 day clock from their lines. Today 400-day clocks are making a comeback with plastic reproductions becoming available. The Kundo, Forrestville, Hall Craft, Kieninger & Obergfell, Schatz, and other Fine German key wind quality originals are recognized as collectable by antique clock enthusiasts, and many of the original clocks are being restored and are running again after slightly more than 100 years since their invention. The National Association of Watch and Clock Collectors have a special chapter especially for collectors of 400-day clocks. Although most 400-day clocks are similar in design, each one has a unique quality and a unique visual appeal, as well as being a high quality clock with a unique design. These antique clocks amaze me - could you imagine any other consumer product still working perfectly after over 50 years! And the truly amazing thing it is ready for the next 100 years, and will probably run indefinitely with a little tender loving care. Antique Clocks are a Fine Investment. Each one has a unique quality, as well as appreciating in value and beauty with age. You will become attached to your antique clocks and they will become a meaningful and important part of your life adding untold joy each day you own them. They can be handed down from one generation to another as they increase daily in value. Antique clocks serve many purposes other than being useful in telling time, decorative in your home, a valuable asset in your estate and above all a faithful servant and friend which will be true to you to the end of time. This clock will be packed VERY CAREFULLY to insure a safe delivery and the buyer is to pay $19.50 for shipping and ins. International is exact charge. I will gladly answer any emails promptly. I have always hated that "reserve" when I have so this fine clock has no reserve with a very, very low starting bid. I will be glad to help you set up your new clock, or answer questions long after the sale via email. A careful inspection is done each and every time during the packing process by "Wild Thing" Master Packing Kitty EBAY SITE SECURITY PROVIDED BY CJ KITTY (trained watch cat) (always vigilant) Our Purchasing Department travels throughout the United States searching for the "perfect clock"! Here's "the family" travelin' to the next clock destination A Highly Skilled Technician (AKA Wild Thing) checks the movement one last exhausting time to be sure all is right before being carefully placed back in its case. Some well deserved rest after a long day at the office Here is our newest addition to the team; "Miss Kitty"! Rescued from the "pound". She specializes in UNpacking and spreading things about. Also enjoys chewing on CJ's tail. Miss Kitty is getting grown up! She likes to "help" with answering emails. Here she is, after a grueling lesson in "computer 101". Here is Miss Kitty showing our brand new addition from the pound; "Sweet Pea", the "ins and outs" of packing boxes. Unfortuniately Sweet Pea has not caught on as yet… Thank you for looking! Our courteous, friendly operators are standing by for your questions before and long after the auction closes.


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