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Old Antique 1910 Darche Clock Shelf, Alarm Bank Light

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Old Antique 1910 Darche Clock Shelf, Alarm Bank Light Picture(s) and Description:

 195604001583350640 Old Antique 1910 Darche Clock Shelf, Alarm Bank Light

Here's an interesting old or antique clock we received recently from a farm here in NH. This one is probably called a novelty clock by modern standards but at the time I think the makers were trying to fill an important market niche with the features of this clock. The clock has a patent date of 1910 on the case and was made by the Darche Manufacturing Co. of Chicago. There is some information on the internet regarding this company and their clocks. Anyway, this clock is a mechanical windup clock that is running and keeping good time. One source on the internet indicated that the works for these clocks were supplied by the Waterbury clock company though we did not open it up to check. Anyway, the clock itself works and keeps time. The features of this clock seem to be an early attempt to bridge the period of mechanical clock works to clocks with more features. So this clock has a bank on the left, with a small safe at the bottom having a dial with numbers and probably a two digit combination,,,we were not able to get this open after a couple minutes of trying. The next feature was an alarm and then a small light. The bulb for the light is broken and is like a flashlight bulb. It is just above the clock. The alarm and light seem to have been operated in this period with a drycell battery and there is a pole and arm type switch at the bottom of the outer part of the case as we show in a picture. It appears the alarm and light are designed to work together,,,,that both the alarm would go off and the light would come on at the same time,,,so that early rising farmers and tradesmen and others could read the time on the clock in the dark is my guess. The switch insures that the alarm can be turned off and no unnecessary waste of battery would occur. The plug end of the wiring we show is made of wood and seems to be the connection for the battery that fits up inside the right side of the clock. Overall the clock has a well aged appearance with the finish worn and weathered. On the back of the clock the little knobs that set the alarm hands on the alarm dial upon the face, and the one that sets the hands position on face are missing. So a working mechanical clock that has some minor needs to be fully functioning. Probably best suited to those who are handy, familiar with old clocks or enjoy working collecting interesting old and antique clocks. This clock is good sized, about 12.5 inches long, 8 inches high and 5.75 inches deep. The clockworks seem to run well and the dial indicates this is an 8 day movement. That's about it. Hopefully the pictures will be helpful to the description. We'll start this old Darche clock low so enjoy the auction. When packed this will weight about 8.5 lbs so we'll use USPS Parcel Post service as the lowest cost postal alternative to the buyer. We have no packing or handling charge. Extra cost USPS postal services like Postal Insurance, Tracking, or Upgraded postal services are easily available should the winning bidder wish to make arrangements. This item is for sale within the US only, NO Exceptions!. Please let us know if there are any questions prior to the end of the sale. We will cooperate with winners of more than one auction to combine items whenever practical. Thank you for your interest and Good Luck!

 195604001583350641 Old Antique 1910 Darche Clock Shelf, Alarm Bank Light
 195604001583350642 Old Antique 1910 Darche Clock Shelf, Alarm Bank Light
 195604001583350643 Old Antique 1910 Darche Clock Shelf, Alarm Bank Light

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