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We find the most interesting Antique Clocks. Here are the best deals we found for SETH THOMAS ANTIQUE MANTLE CLOCK SONORA CHIME 8 BELLS for sale on the Internet.

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This is an EXTREMELY BEAUTIFUL example of a Seth Thomas SONORA CHIME WESTMINSTER CHIMES WHICH SOUNDS ON A NEST OF 8 TUNED BELLS Mantle Clock in wonderful SUPERIOR 100% ALL ORIGINAL condition. This is truly a wonderful clock. CHIME CLOCK No 2001 CIRCA 1915. Is listed in the book Seth Thomas Clocks and Movements Vol III by Tran Du Ly. Whittington and Westminster Chime on eight deep-toned “Sonora” patented resonated bells. Mahogany case, fine figured grain. Highest grade cabinet work. Original dull rubbed finish. Chimes every 15 minutes and can be switched to play either Whittington Chimes and Westminster Chimes by turning the indicator over dial. There is another indicator to silence strike if desired. Chimes can be silence by a switch at the side of the case. 5 ½ inch etched minute circle and gold plated cast fancy pierced open work on a metal place with a satin silver finish. The door is fitted with heavy bevel glass. Mahogany grill work sound holes at sides. The case is extremely beautiful, has a few small chips/bumps and is 99% perfect.. (See pictures) It is a very classy mantle clock in need of a warm loving home. Sonora Chime Clocks are extremely collectable, rare and unique with the 8 bell models especially rare. This is accomplished on 2 large original heavy duty movements. This clock has TWO LARGE SIGNED clean HEAVY DUTY "Seth Thomas Clock Co" 8-day time and strike movements which chimes WESTMINSTER CHIMES on every ¼ hour and strikes the hour on the hour on 8 TUNED BELLS with a very beautiful and mellow tone (resonates for several seconds). It chimes 4 times on the 15 minute, 8 times on the half hour, 12 times on the 45 minute and 16 times on the hour – and then counts the hour. If you wake up in the middle of the night you will know what time it is without turning on the lights! If you choose Whittington Chime it plays 8 notes at the first ¼, 16 notes on the half hour, 24 notes on the ¾ hour and 32 notes plus strikes the hour on the hour with a 3 note chord! Both movements run very well and keeps good time. The time and strike are provided by a Seth Thomas Movement and the Westminster Chimes are done by the Sonora Chime Movement. Sonora Chime Clocks are prized by collectors the world over. It is a very strong runner! The movements run very well and keep good time. (2 large separate heavy duty movements!) There is a chime and silent switch so you can turn off the chimes (you won't want to!). This is especially handy if you have company over for the night and they are not used to a chiming clock. The Seth Thomas Clock Company was started in 1810 by Seth Thomas Sr. and has been known for making high quality clocks. With this clock being one of the very best and prized models. It has an adjustment for fast and slow on the dial above the number 6 which can be turned by the small end of the LARGE SETH THOMAS key, this way you don’t need to take the clock down from its shelf to adjust it for slow and fast. The back door is original– fits correctly and the catch works well. Complete with the original very heavy (make the timekeeping very accurate) Seth Thomas pendulum and a Seth Thomas double ended key – one end for winding the clock and one end for adjusting the time for slow and fast. This clock runs really great! The clock is very large and very heavy and measures 12 inches high, 8 inches deep and 17 ½ inches wide. Again, this is a very clean and desirable all original clock! The original dial has been touched up so the clock looks nearly brand new! The name Seth Thomas is synonymous with high quality and good taste. Not always the first on the scene with the latest movement "improvement" or flashy case style, Seth Thomas was slow to adopt changes and only when the marketplace had given it acceptance to other companys' breakthrough advances would Seth Thomas slowly and carefully bring their high quality clocks to the marketplace. The results, however, were always the same. When the Seth Thomas clock arrived it was an instant success and it captured the market. As the years have passed, the quality of Seth Thomas clocks has been proven over and over. They are the best. These antique clocks amaze me - could you imagine any other consumer product still working after nearly 100 years! And the truly amazing thing with proper care they will work easily past the next 100 years, with this clock going well beyond that! If you are looking for an antique clock that looks like it was cherished its whole life and is very high quality, and is unique and beautiful - this is it! Antique Clocks are a Fine Investment. Each one has a unique quality, as well as appreciating in value and beauty with age. You will become attached to your antique clocks and they will become a meaningful and important part of your life adding untold joy each day you own them. They can be handed down from one generation to another as they increase daily in value. Antique clocks serve many purposes other than being useful in telling time, decorative in your home, a valuable asset in your estate and above all a faithful servant and friend which will be true to you to the end of time. This clock will be packed very very carefully by our award winning packing department (my wife Donna - receiving a perfect "10" from a gracious customer) to insure a safe delivery and the buyer is to pay $48.50 for shipping, packing and ins. This clock is quite large and very heavy, delicate and valuable – so it will require lots of packing materials to keep it safe. I will gladly answer any emails promptly. I have always hated that "reserve" when I have bid myself so this fine clock has no reserve and a very very (gulp) low starting bid. We love these clocks and I will be glad to help you set up your new clock, or answer questions long after the sale via email. We will be going on a cruise with other family members and our step mom for her 80th birthday. Upon returning we’ll take her home to Fort Myers and then the next day will leave for a clock convention in Chattanooga in our vintage Airstream (with all the kitties!) for a total time away from the 21st of August to the 9th of September. This is one of our favorite conventions – everyone is so great! We are taking our laptop and will be available somewhat to answer questions while on the clock trip – every so often we can find a modem hookup at a campground. Bill and Ms Mopper will be here working somewhat getting things ready for our return. We will ship all the clocks and polish and answer all the emails as soon as we return. Sorry for the inconvenience! A careful inspection is done each and every time during the packing process by "Wild Thing" Master Packing Kitty EBAY SITE SECURITY PROVIDED BY CJ KITTY (trained watch cat) (always vigilant) Our Purchasing Department travels throughout the United States searching for the "perfect clock"! Here's "the family" travelin' to the next clock destination A Highly Skilled Technician (AKA Wild Thing) checks the movement one last exhausting time to be sure all is right before being carefully placed back in its case. Some well deserved rest after a long day at the office Here is our newest addition to the team; "Miss Kitty"! Rescued from the "pound". She specializes in UNpacking and spreading things about. Also enjoys chewing on CJ's tail. Miss Kitty is getting grown up! She likes to "help" with answering emails. Here she is, after a grueling lesson in "computer 101". Here is Miss Kitty showing our brand new addition from the pound; "Sweet Pea", the "ins and outs" of packing boxes. Unfortuniately Sweet Pea has not caught on as yet… Thank you for looking! Our courteous, friendly operators are standing by for your questions before and long after the auction closes.


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